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Cards for Creating a Balanced Life

Discover a whole world of soul-traits, in a velvet bag!

Lights of Mussar™ Cards for Creating a Balanced Life are a powerful tool for accessing inner wisdom and enriching your personal and spiritual journey. Each card is printed with an ethical value (soul–trait) in English, Hebrew and transliterated Hebrew. These traits are spiritually and psychologically enriching. Rooted in the ancient Jewish wisdom of Mussar–an everyday, holistic and spiritual practice–the traits inform our behavior, relationships and spiritual lives.

The full set contains 90 printed cards (3″x 1.7″), plus four blank cards for your personal use. These cards are divided into two shrink-wrapped decks of 45 cards, accompanied by an 8–page instruction pamphlet and are packaged in a velvet bag. Beautifully designed and sturdy, the cards will withstand use over a long period of time.

Having a large quantity of soul-trait cards at hand provides a concrete, visual representation of interrelationships among traits. Because of their compact size, you can easily spread many out on a table, so you can work with “constellations” of traits. This will help you explore your ‘spiritual curriculum,’ based on your unique needs, capacities and challenges.

You will find that Lights of Mussar™ Cards for Creating a Balanced Life is a valuable resource. Use the cards to promote healthy life choices and to open a portal to your very best Self.

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