The Book: How to Make MeCards4Kids™

How to Make MeCards4Kids™

With this book, children discover their natural, creative talents and parents (or teachers) have the opportunity to share in this wondrous experience. –Karyl Sisson

This book won the 2014 Nautilus Silver Book Award in the Parenting/Family category!

Children love making MeCards, and they can easily inhabit their images. Jasmine says, Making MeCards makes me feel good because it makes my heart open and that makes me happy to be me!” The children’s excitement, together with the depth and power of their images and poems, inspired the book, How To Make MeCards4Kids™: Creative Expression for Children and the Grown-Ups in Their Lives.

I wrote this book with Jane Raphael in order to foster self-awareness, self-reflection and well-being in children. Using photographs and quotes, How To Make MeCards4Kids™ teaches children to create collages and to write the ‘I Am’ poem. It also provides numerous examples of MeCards that children have created and offers suggestions for ways in which grown-ups can support children in making and working with their cards. My greatest intention for this book is that the process of making and inhabiting their MeCards can give children a way to matter to themselves and to the people whose lives they touch.

Read what people are saying about the book:

The beauty of this book is that it is a work about creative self-expression by children, for children! How To Make MeCards4Kids™ is an indispensable resource to help children and their families use creativity to move through life’s seasons and changes.

~Roberta Rook, LCPC

The beauty of this book is that it is a work about creative self-expression by children, for children! This book captures a snapshot of the soul of a small person. Children speak the truth of what lies deep within their young psyches.

~Natalie White, LMFT

How to Make MeCards4Kids™ provides children (and adults!) with a wonder-filled, imaginative learning experience.  Children explore their feelings through a process that develops literacy and artistic skills as they produce pictures, poems, and stories. And they can share and read to one another—creating a community of readers, writers, and artists.  

 ~ Dorothy G. Clark, Ph.D., Professor of English and Children’s Literature Specialist

 I enthusiastically recommend this book to those who are looking for a creative, accessible, and fun way to guide children into the exciting world of self-discovery.

~Audrey Chowdhury, MS, ATR

 In this inspiring book, the authors gather the artistic and poetic wisdom of young children’s simple, yet profound, MeCards4Kids™.  Readers of any age will find themselves reaching for art materials to replicate the inner passages of the young artists in this work.

~Betsy Caprio Hedberg, D.Min.

 MeCards4Kids™ is a fun tool that raises the capacity for empathy by encouraging children to put themselves in the place of others and speak for them.

~Larry Starr-Karlin, LMFT

 How to Make MeCards4Kids™ is presented in a beautiful and engaging format that gives children the utmost respect.

~Michael Steele

Wonderful to see this adaptation of SoulCollage® for children in the book, How to Make MeCards4Kids! The pictures of the cards they are making and the poems they are writing, all fill me with joy. It’s such a great exercise for developing imagination and intuition early in life.

~ Seena Frost, founder of SoulCollage®, author of SoulCollage® Evolving

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